Health Problems and Skin Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

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Smoking is also a habit which does a lot of harm not only to the person who smokes but to whoever comes around and is forced to breathe the smoke in. Free radicals are produced in our organism even when we breathe the smoke passively. The large amount of free radicals cannot be fought by even very strong antioxidants such as: bio-flavonoids, vitamin C, A or E, mainly because these are able to work only in the epidermal part of our skin. 

First of all free radicals make our skin loose its smoothness and elasticity, than they make wrinkles and brown speckles appear, skin becomes dry and corneous and finally, free radicals damage blood-vessels. Besides free radicals, during the process of smoking more than four thousand other extremely dangerous and toxic substances are being produced, e.g. tar, carbon dioxide, arsenide, prussic acid and lead. These toxic substances are responsible for lowering the level of vitamins A, C and E in our body. These vitamins, as we already know, protect our skin from the negative influence of free radical as well as make the skin elastic and stimulate its regeneration.

As a result of smoking, the microcirculation is disturbed, in blood-vessels in particular. You can say that skin cells are being suffocated by smoke which reduces the amount of oxygen in a human body and instead it increases the amount of toxic carbon dioxide. This is why so-called a "tobacco face" person looks tired, has got a grey complexion often with enlarged blood-vessels. Many of you may think then: "It doesn’t concern me. I don’t smoke a whole packet a day. Just two or three light cigarettes, that’s all." However, while you smoke one cigarette you cause the contraction of your skin blood-vessels which lasts up to 90 minutes after you finish smoking. Therefore, a smoker’s blood-vessels can receive one fourth of blood less than a non-smoker’s. As a result, cells of the former reveal oxygen deficiency and the lack of nutritive components in them. In time, such a person’s complexion may loose its pink and healthy colouring and it may start looking pale, grey and poor.

Anaemic anoxia of the facial skin also disturbs the production of collagen and elastin fibres which are responsible for the skin elasticity. These fibres get partially damaged, which makes skin thinner, with some irregular callosities and deep wrinkles, especially around one’s mouth.

Smoking causes also some necrotic changes inside the skin, which means simply that many cells die and they cannot be regenerate or animate. During smoking the level of estrogens may be lowered, which has got a great impact on lowering the amount of collagen fibres and, in turn, on making the skin dry. In addition, smoking also disturbs the process of healing of wounds and injuries, making it slower and poorer.

Of course, smoking also causes many other negative changes inside an our bodies for instance, it limits blood-flow inside blood-vessels, it reduces the ability of blood to transport oxygen, it weakens the immunology system. All that damage becomes visible outside our body in the first place.

Other negative effects of smoking on our look are: fragile nails, hair loss, and aggravation of many skin diseases such as: common acne, acne rosacea and often recurrence of psoriasis. Furthermore, we can observe yellow spots on nails, hands and teeth as well as worsening of sense of taste and smell.

Women who have been smoking for many years consult cosmetologists in order to find help with their look and skin problems. However, for those women who smoke the undertaken surgical intervention can never bring the satisfying effects. Therefore, plastic surgeons are unwilling to do any lifting or grafting for patients who smoke because their skin heals with much difficulty and it is very probable that some further complications will occur.

Girls think about this while you lit another cigarette, please! Just in case please check reasons to quit smoking cigarettes.

It's time to quit smoking, better sooner than later. If you find problems quitting smoking you may want to try blu electronic cigarettes. Certainly, there is nothing cool in smoking.

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