Crockpot Chicken Recipes

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If you are looking for some tasty crockpot chicken recipes I will share with you all of our most loved ones.

crockpotI received my slow cooker,( you can call it crock pot, slow cooker, crockpot, they are all different names for the same slow cooker style of pot) from my mom, who got it as a holiday gift from her work place 2 Years ago and asked me if I wanted it. I said no! No slow cooker for me.

It's too big, I have no time,what will I do with it? No Thank you..

No one even try the crockpot for a very long time, until we moved to our new home, with a bigger kitchen and a lot more room for kitchen gadgets that I love so much!

The crock pot got himself a new loving home, and we become best friends ever since.

I want to share with you some of the conclusions I ended up with from my experience with mycrock pot slow cooker. I absolutely love it.

At first I thought that throwing everything into the slow cooker without frying them first (as I do when I am cooking slow cooker chicken recipes like chicken stew and casserole. First I fry the chicken and the vegetables.)

I found that just adding them to the slow cooker when I was making crock pot chicken recipes gave me some poor results when it came to the taste and the color, so I began to fry them first before I put them in to stew. Then I began to fry the ingredients, or at least sautee them in a different pan on the stove when I was making crock pot slow cooker chicken recipes.

Surprise, the dishes came out amazing !!!

But...and that's a big in a slow cooker to my understanding should be very easy to do. Now I am not saying that Frying is difficult, but cleaning after frying IS! and I really, really, hate to clean up after frying, honestly I do.

After playing with the crockpot and trying all kinds of Crockpot Chicken Recipes. I discovered that adding an extra hour or two to my cooking time that it will improve the look and the taste of the chicken and it will give it a color that looks nearly as if you had fried it first before you began to make your crock pot chicken recipes.

Also, I try to always use the highest heat when it comes to using my crock pot for making slow cooker chicken recipes.

Here are some of our best crockpot chicken recipes that are loved by all, hopefully they will be loved by you too.

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