Perfume Tips and Articles

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In nowadays perfumes are used almost by everybody. Here you can find some tips and articles how to use your favourite fragrance, if you want your perfumes last longer.

Perfumes for winter - When asking what kind of perfumes should I wear in winter, the real question is which scents will evoke the seasonal fragrances and moods. In the summer, light perfumes always claim to elicit memories of warm days on the beach enjoying the sun and water.

Information about perfumes - check how perfumes are categorized. Information about floral, fruit, ocean, green, oriental and chypre fragrances and some examples of each of them.

How to divide perfumes - are you familiar with terms like EDC, EDP or EDT? Useful information about perfume concentrates.

How to choose perfumes for yourself - it's not so hard to choose fragrance when we go to perfume store. In this article we want to help you with some extra tips about choosing perfumes.

How to use perfume - we know it sounds funny, because we all think we know how to use perfumes, but really? even if, we think it's good to check, why we use perfumes on different body areas and how to use perfumes on summer or winter time and check the next article with some advice.

Good perfume advice - some quick, good advises for perfumes, feel like its extension for how to use perfumes article, listed above.

Perfume for a special occasion - special day is coming, no matter if it's wedding, date, or business meeting, if you plan to use perfume on special occasion, you may want to know something about perfumes ingredients.

Blending Oils and Making Perfumes - article describes the way how oils are blended and how to make your favourite perfume by yourself.

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